Wedge® Mixer

Eliminating Contamination in the shaft connection

Perfect HACCP solution for the traditionally-hazardous area between shaft and tank seal.
The most troublesome and frequently-happening contamination at the sealed area between shaft and drum can be prevented by the patented seal system.

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Smart Appearance, Fully Open Access
With a good deal of durability, its gorgeously looking simple gear drive offers a fully open access to operators, making it easy to monitor and do maintenance jobs over the critical area.

Internationally-patented shaft-seal system
In conventional mixers, meat could enter shaft bearing and could reversely return into drum, which hygienic experts take as a hazardous risk. The patented seal system makes the reverse traveling of meat mechanically impossible. Meat would only have one-direction flow (in to out). The shaft-seal is easy to dismantle and clean for daily-base maintenance jobs.

What features Wedge?

- Patented Wedge Mechanism
- Easy Dismantling Shaft Seal System
- Comfortable Loading Height 1,086 mm
- Round frame leading to no water-residue
- Controls and Gearbox located separately
- Built-in Hydraulic System, Better Space Efficiency
- Completely Sealed Stainless Steel Frame
- Easy Programming, Easy Recalling
- Forward/Reverse Rotation, Variable Mixing Speeds, Resting Time, Cooling Operation.
- 12.1 inch Full Color Wide Touch Panel in Swing-Arm
- Manual Button Controls - Built-in Temperature Sensor (On Request)
- Vertical Dumper instead of Conventional Over-Turn Device.
- Quick Handlers in the Swing-Arm.