Measure twice before you cut

HI-COOK RFID Cutmeat Deboning Line

HI-COOK has been providing complete tailor-made logistic solutions to each particular requirement. With the largest number of users in China since 2000,HI-COOK  has been setting the market trend which navigates all the competitors where the today’s logistic solution should go.

They can simply copy us, but they cannot generate a proper solution to a new customer with different line requirement. More than 20 year experience in cut-meat solution in Asian market and the largest number of existing reference users illuminate HI-COOK as the number one reliable partner for your meat logistic process.

- Manufactured in accordance with HACCP and USDA.
- RFID Tray destination system in computer control.
- Better work efficiency, less labor-load.
- Easy to dismantle for better cleaning and full access.
- Caterpillar shape plastic belt as a standard option.
- Easy to clean backside of belt.

Updated solutions, yet localized, for cutmeat deboning plants

From a unit machine up to a turnkey project, we cover every customer’s request. HI-COOK has been the leading equipment & solution supplier of cutmeat-deboning line for the last 2 decades. Having adopted modern scientific benefits into its localized solution,  HI-COOK offers well-balanced solutions which best suit each individual customer’s requirement and each market’s situation, and its development level, as each market and each customer deals with its own different reality. Our works include discussion, suggestion, solution-offer, equipment setup, after sales service, and modification of the existing facilities.

Ergonomic working platforms

All the working platforms and their relevant hardware are well designed for local people’s physical condition like height and also for less contamination risk. Every corner of the hardware is elaborately designed and manufactured in terms of a decent labor intensity so that the management can make sure of optimal labor productivity. Frames are processed slope-wise(slide treatment), that allows no water to remain and no invisible and inaccessible place for any kind of bacteria to survive.

Less contamination risk

Each part of the processing platform conveyor can be dismantled and washed up individually. The sides and the backside of the belt can also be accessed and visually washed completely. There is no barrier blocking worker’s access onto any part of the platform conveyors. Cleaning covers majority of hygienic control in most food processing factories. Once the systems are designed to get easily cleaned, workers are willing to clean them even without any strict, seemingly-nagging control of management side. First keep the systems clean, that makes any extra hygienic control easier. Wouldn’t it be unwise to put more efforts to clean the systems after you keep them exposed to lots of contamination sources? Once contaminated, it requires much more efforts to get it cleaned. With easy cleaning concept, our system will get less contamination therefore requires less efforts to deal with it.

Computer-command tray destination

All the trays are moving around in the line according to computer’s command. All the details such as where they should go and come, how long they should stay, etc are at on-line networking. Trays are provided additionally first to where they are needed most among all the working lines. From the packaging line, used trays come to the automatic tray washing system where they will be cleaned with sterilizing agents and hot water, etc, and dried out to get ready for returning back to the working lines.

Getting them at the right place and timing

In the tray destination system, the essence of the line is how smoothly trays can be circulated and how precisely they can be delivered to where they are needed at the right timing. The layout design should reflect all the information of the project, not only the information from the processing section, but also from packaging section and marketing department. We can say meat products move in the cutmeat line, but in other sense we can also say trays are moving there. In the mechanical point of view, the success of cutmeat deboning line highly depends on how well the line can deal with tray movement. The bottomline is secure the right number of trays at the right places and smooth circulation with less contamination risk.

Measure twice before you cut

The cutmeat deboning line is not a small scale project. Huge amount of investment usually accompanies the project. In many cases, the project influences greatly and decides the success or failure of the investors’ business. This is not the story about a simple machine that can be taken out easily when any problems are found. The line had better be treated as the factory architecture itself. It consists of hundreds of items and parts, which get together in a good reciprocal combination. A good carpenter measures two times and cut one time. Think twice and ask yourself again what you are really looking for, where you currently stay.

Many Asian customers are apt to look for a solution for their business in other part of the world. In the internet era like this, where all the information are shared by one click in the network, the solution usually stays near you. A good system must be an outcome of great reflection over lots of field experiences. European systems are based on their own field experience, and this doesn’t completely apply to Asian reality. Products, markets, logistics, costs, workers , all these are different. Only the tailor-made solution after comprehending all these aspects as they are, can work for your business. 

HI-COOK , rooted in Asia, has been
focusing on Asian customers and will continue doing it. Experience our tailor-made and field-rooted solution here and now.