High velocity

impingement Oven IMPM(F)

Impingement cooking method and steam injection technology oppress water vaporization out of products to ensure good juicy tastes.

- Equalized cooking results between products. No transversely different cooking result.
- Easy control with fully touch panel operation.
- Independently working powerful(top and bottom) fans give different grill effects on the top and the bottom of product.
- Temp., time, fan speeds are independently controlled.
- One touch recall of each stored program.
- Ignition-failure detector, flame detector, overheat protector, conveyor malfunction alarm, door open detector, etc.
- Swing doors offer full access.
- Nozzles can be dismantled without tools.

Searing Grill Marker


Do you want to put more values on your cooked products? In the past of Japan, Aburi(Searing in English)used to be one of the ideal cooking methods that gave the final flavors and colors to foods in their very last cooking stage. Searing food surface with powerful gas fire generates good flavors and nice-looking colors. Burners in the top and the bottom simultaneously sear products。

One last shot in the final stage

HN Gas Grill Marker 

The classic pattern marker with high performance gas burner in compact size. Various patterns are available on demand.

The classic model HN-A is equipped with a rotating drum plus high performance gas burner. The grill patterns processed by a laser cutting machine are variable according to user’s demand. Exhuast is centralized, making hood installation easy. Combustion is stable and the pilot fire is continually detected electronically. Once the pilot fire is extinguished, the system immediately shuts gas supply off.

Normally tempreature is set at 800 degree C, that ensures good process results. Drum’s pressure is adjusted manually by a handle. Pressure depends on the height of the drum. HN-A requires even product thickness to obtain optimal marking results.

Manual intervention for adjusting drum’s location during the process. No residue in the drum thanks to high temperautre of burner.Top side marking only.