HI-COOK ProForm 600

Fully-hydraulic forming and portioning machine

The classic quality-proven former deals with all product kinds such as meat patties, chicken nuggets, fishballs, etc.

- Adapting spiral feed, smearing is minimized.
- No screw, less friction in the hopper.
- Thanks to the shuttle valve, no roll-back.
- 12.1 inch full-color touch panel in the swing arm offers user-friendly control.
- Intermittent water and air mix spray.
- Real-time hydraulic system monitor (in the touch panel)
- Easy access to hydraulic system.
- No OEM parts
- Rounded frame for less water remaining.

User-friendly control
- 12.1 inch full color touch panel with Omron PLC program in standard option
- Up to 20 programs can be stored and recalled with one touch button
- Process data is stored for traceability.

- All the power unit and cylinders in mechanical movements are built-in for user’s safety.
- Hydraulic systems are entirely isolated from the forming area to prevent food contamination.