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Drum Powder RPD 300

Drum Powder RPD 300

This machine is an ideal coating machine for such“hard-tocoat”products as rounded and irregular-shaped ones. Not only flour but fine bread crumbs are applicable to the RPD system. The rpm and the inclination of the drum that are completely adjustable are set in optimal balance to reach the best performance. Flours are circulated through the cross-feed screw system. Products are coated from all directions while they advance toward outlet, rolling inside the rotating drum. The surplus flour could fall down through the separating plate located in the outlet of the drum, to the recirculation passage. The system is completely made of genuine stainless steel and of water-proof/corrosion-resistance materials. The system can be disassembled without tools, and every corner of the system can be washed with water.

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Raw Bread Crumb Coater BRG 600

This machine is a suitable machine for coating dry, semidry or completely pure raw bread crumbs(moisture 35% or more) for wide range of products such as cutlets, patties, burgers, fish rings, nuggets, chicken breast, cheese sticks, etc. The unique mono-support, unlike the conventional double support systems, offers perfect view and complete access to inside system with which maintenance and cleaning get even easier. The products can be put on hygienic urethane belt either automatically or manually. The bread crumbs are circulated and they come back up as a layer so that the bottom of the products can be coated, while its upper side can also be coated by the vertical spreading.

There is a special roller for pressing the top side of the product after vertical spreading, making the coated crumbs stick to the products better. The pressure of this roller can be adjusted simply by operators.

The surplus crumbs could be removed by the blowers whose volume and speed can be controlled by operators.